Six Storytelling Lessons from Winnie-the-Pooh

A. A. Milne is the king of storytellers. I never read Winnie-the-Pooh as a child, and only picked it up when my wife asked me to read the stories to our children. I actually think it should be a crime not to read Winnie-the-Pooh in your childhood. But it is never too late. If you […]

Dear Unconfident Presenter…

Twenty-five years ago my brother became a doctor. What was initially a “How the heck do I solve this” panic moment in his brain for common health problems has now become an easy remedy. Presentation coaching is a little bit like that. There are some common problems that people suffer from and 10 years ago […]

Seven Ways to Show Up On Screen

Imagine if every time you spoke to a friend, child or loved one they looked away from your face down to your left arm. You would get so annoyed. You would not want to hang around with that person anymore. Yet this is what happens on screen all the time. There are very good reasons […]

Don’t Tell The Spoiler, Tell The Story

My brother was watching “Avengers: End Game” when someone stood up, half way through and shouted out the spoiler at the end. People threw popcorn, demanded their money back and their evening was ruined. What did this deeply inconsiderate cinema-goer do? He delivered a spoiler — he ruined the story for everyone and they felt […]

The Fresh Prince, Story-telling and Life Before Covid19

For the past few weeks I have been making videos with my children on how to bring energy to the screen — from Prunes and Bananas to calming breathing. They have been brilliant and it has been a lot of fun. But they are tired. The same old story of Covid19 is getting to them […]

Jump Off A Cliff And Fly

Turning on our cameras is not as simple as we think. It is, for many, as hard as being told to jump off a cliff and fly. When someone was once told to “Have more gravitas” — that was like being told to jump off a cliff and fly. Asking a Japanese woman to be […]

Turn off the MUTE (and 5 ways to lead your people)

Years ago I was a singing assistant to Carrie and David Grant. It was a brilliant job — turning up to corporate gigs and watching them coach hundreds of people (or a handful of Senior Executives) on how to tell their story through song… Through song? How the heck did they get people to do […]

Amplify’s Manifesto to the Black Community

Well those are words I never thought I would write. Before yesterday I would have said “Who am I to offer anything to this community — I’m a 41 year old white guy?” Then I read an article in Vogue — also words I would never have expected to write before yesterday. Mirielle Cassandra Harper […]

Not Another Webinar? Absolutely NOT

When I look at Linkedin and the constant 24 news cycle, which today talks of recession and tomorrow talks of something else I feel like my voice gets swallowed up, my story isn’t valid, I don’t have enough insights, I’m not moving fast enough. But then I pause and I remember, in the words of Seth […]

Story — the Only Thing that Connects Us Now (and 4 Ways to do It)

Last night we were hanging out with some friends on Zoom. Normally we would hang out with these friends after church on Sunday, unsuccessfully trying to have a half-finished conversation amidst noise, distraction and children using Avenger-style “Get me home now” physical tactics! Now all that has changed all we have is Zoom and interestingly, […]

3 Ways to Make Digital Meetings Work for You (Find Your Shoes, Flow and Pause)

Last week my client had to pitch for investment via Skype. Gone was his chance for the face to face events, to get a feel in the room and to connect in the same space. But he still had to pitch. I have been coaching people digitally for the past couple of years, but always […]

The Hero’s Journey — How to Stay True to Your Story in a World Full of Shadows

Story is one of the most practical ways of grounding ourselves in reality and not getting lost in comparison and fantasy. But we have to re-learn how to create tell them. My two children (aged 10 and 6) are amazing at telling stories, but no one has had to coach them on how to do […]

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