Tell your story and change your culture.

Tell your story and change your culture.

From pitch coaching for Startups to cultural change for Corporates – this is how we do it!



Since being coached by Amplify, 81 companies have gone on to raise over $250,000,000*.

Our passion for startups to present brilliantly has taken us around the world – from Google Ventures in San Fransisco, to Techstars in London and Berlin, to Dog Patch Labs in Dublin, to Startup Wiseguys in Eastern Europe. It’s the reason we are the UK’s number 1 pitch coaching company. We coach on everything, from content to design to delivery and we always see great fruit. Ask our clients… Barclays Rise Accelerator, R/GA Accelerator, Google Ventures, Techstars London, Techstars & Metro Berlin, Startup Bootcamp Fintech, Startup Bootcamp Internet of Things, LMarks, Cylon Labs, Winton Ventures, Startup Wise Guys Latvia & Estonia, The London Accelerator, Young Enterprise…

(* Figures taken from Crunchbase and Techstars – for a full list of companies Get in touch with us)



Story-telling for cultural change.

We are catalysts for transformation and we have the privilege of working with some of the world’s best companies – Microsoft, Google, Telefonica, Vodafone, Hitachi, KPMG, PWC. Our work is bespoke everytime – from improvisation workshops in Las Vegas for hundreds of Microsoft Graduates to coaching Senior Executives for Hitachi. We love seeing our clients re-discover the wonder of story, grow in confidence and change, themselves first, their business and their world second. But what if we could go further and change entire cultures?

It’s all about sitting around the campfire and telling stories again.

We all know the phrase “Culture eats Strategy for breakfast”. So what does it look like to give Culture a healthy appetite?We start with story. We tell stories to our audiences and keep telling them – stories to remember, to celebrate, to weather the storms, to challenge in healthy conflict and to re-envision. If we tell the right stories at the right time and are relentless with it, we can start to affect cultural change. That is what our “Cultural Change through Storytelling” program is all about.

We build the campfire. You just need to turn up.

Give us three days and you will see the start of something very special. Everything we teach is deeply practical and instantly applicable, we set real deadlines and measurement tools that last. If the culture is changing, it means the campfire is well and truly lit and people are thriving. Get in touch and let’s get building…

  • I've often asked myself - how can we go beyond the intellectual to the emotional level of interacting with people? Senior leadership need to challenge themselves and ask - could I be better at presenting? I came to Amplify to help me start this journey of change. They taught me some key tools and techniques, allowing me to think differently about how I approach presenting. It opened a door for me - I’ve started a journey from good to great presenting and I need to continue.

    Stephen Pierce Chief HR Officer at Hitachi Europe
  • I’m the kind of speaker that is confident once I am in the flow of the speech, however, I sometimes struggle with how to open. Since our coaching that has changed. The feedback I got from the conference (HR Vision, June 2014) was great – I was one of the highest ranked speakers and a lot of that was down to style and impact. I couldn't have been able to grab the audience’s attention as quickly, to ramp it up that extra 5% without Amplify's coaching.

    Teresa Collis Head of Global Competency & Culture Development at Talent Acquisition
  • It's all about the story - winning customers, keeping customers,  inspiring employees. To continue to be successful it's vital for Telefonica to be a story-telling business and that's why we work with Amplify. They have an incredible ability to help people open up, take off their corporate masks and, through very practical story-telling technique and a lot of fun, help people discover their passions and reasons for getting up for work. Whether an external speaking engagement or infuencing internally, we're now confident to call people to action to tell their stories. Working with Amplify has been a game-changer.

    Tom Chant Head of Customer Innovation at Telefonica (O2) UK
  • As one can imagine, bringing a global team together requires considerable time and expense so the time we allocate any activity during those meetings is very precious. I can genuinely say that our investment in time and energy with Amplify has delivered very tangible benefits to the business. They partnered with us to share the new Microsoft story in a way that makes it relevant for our customers, by bringing out the individual personalities of everyone in the room, ultimately leading to a very coherent, authentic and powerful narrative for Microsoft. It was a highly effective workshop and brought insights that we use in our work every day.

    Scott Gaines Worldwide Head of Sales & Marketing Cap at Microsoft
  • Stewart has an amazing way to connect with people, and laser-focus attention on supporting them in their development. I would highly recommend him and Amplify to anyone who wants to develop their story-telling and presentation skills to better engage and deliver their message. The team still refers to his 'piece of string' and 'being on skis' tips when standing up presenting. Make sure you ask him about these.

    Jessica Plumbe Head of In Life Customers, Loyalty & Value at O2
  • Unsure of what to expect from such a workshop, I soon realized the immense value of what Amplify are doing. Stewart's energy and enthusiasm rubbed off on everyone taking part in the sessions and his feedback on my personal presentation style will be extremely valuable to me going forwards into my career. I learnt a lot about soft skills, presenting, body language, voice and attitude and I can honestly say that I now think about all of these factors very differently since the course.

    Florence Broderick Business Development Manager at Telefonica
  • Spending two days working with Amplify was truly life changing - their teaching, techniques and charisma made the sessions both incredibly fun but also undoubtedly worthwhile. The focus of the session was on presentation style, story telling and connecting with your audience. I personally saw a huge transformation in myself and every other colleague on the course! I know this session will do wonders for me in the work place.

    Tom Router Product Manager, Consumer Digital Comms at O2
  • Stewart's presentation workshop was incredibly immersive and impactful - not only did I learn a huge amount, but it was a truly engaging experience which I won't forget for a long time. It was certainly the best presentation coaching session I have ever attended and I would highly recommend his work

    Claire Rampen Commercial Program Manager at Telefonica
  • I was really pleased with the session. Amplify gave me good help with posture and voice production and although I've done a lot of presenting, I picked up some really good tips.

    Peter Boreham Principal (Executive Remuneration) at Mercer
  • The approach Amplify took with our Senior Management Team at Hyder Consulting was spot on. They were highly professional, engaging and entertaining – and most importantly, everyone came away with a tip or technique that they would use in their next presentation – be it to a client, their team or to the Board. Our experience with Amplify was very positive and we will certainly be working with them again.

    Chantelle Ludski Global Chief Risk Officer at ARCADIS NV
  • Stewart is the master of transformation. The results that he and his team achieve are nothing short of extraordinary! His ability to drastically improve and impact individuals of all levels never ceases to amaze. Having worked closely with Amplify these past years, I've learned that there is no-one who cannot greatly benefit from their work. Furthermore, Stewart is an absolute pleasure to work with. He is sincere, trustworthy and deeply caring... a rare gentlemen in this modern world. I cannot recommend Stewart and Amplify enough.

    Jordan Schlipf Partner at Rainmaking Innovation
Amplify’s Story

Amplify’s Story

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