We unlock your voice so you can unleash your story.

We unlock your voice so you can unleash your story.

From Startups to FTSE 100’s, our story-telling & pitch coaching transforms businesses. This is how we do it…



Since being coached by Amplify, 81 companies have gone on to raise over $250,000,000.

(Figures taken from Crunchbase and Techstars – for a full list of companies Get in touch with us)

We are relentless in our belief that anyone can be a great storyteller. For startups, the telling of that story means life or death, funding or failure, exit or end of the dream. We coach on content creation, slide design and final delivery. We are with them every step of the way until they get to the summit. Whether it be demo days, investor meetings or developing the story for VC’s and fundraising, we are catalysts for transformation. The proof? Ask our clients.

AppyParking Pro, Eventstag, Fove, Mainframe, Startup Bootcamp IOT, Startup Wise Guys (Estonia and Latvia), Winton Ventures, LMArks, Alltech Accelerator, TechHub, HTB Entrepeneurs, Young Enterprise, DevelopHer…



Story-telling is about being yourself, being strong, being vulnerable and being real.

“It’s all about the story – winning customers, keeping customers, inspiring employees ” (The words of our client Thomas Chant, Head of Devices and Financial Products, Teléfonica UK)

We love our clients and we love bringing about the transformation they need. We are determined to give away what we know, to equip our clients and to impart into them a deep understanding of the power of story-telling. That is how you re-vision internally, sell the vision externally and move the customer to action. Our coaching isn’t rocket science. It is deeply challenging.  We push our clients well out of their comfort zone to becoming story-tellers that can’t be ignored. It is the reason we are hired again and again and again.  From 1:1’s with Senior Execs  to Story-telling workshops with 190 Graduates, our coaching is bespoke, practical and deeply empowering. Our clients include Microsoft, PWC, KPMG, Vodafone, Telefonica UK, Hitachi, Thales UK, Willis Towers Watson 

Case Studies

  • Amplify worked with a mixed group of abilities and skepticism to completely win us over, get us doing all sorts of silly things and enjoy every moment - the training has given us all confidence, appreciation of each other and new found love of our company and product suite.

    Collette LangleyBusiness Development Manager at Blackbaud
  • The 1-2-1 session was energetic, tailored to my specific needs and a thoroughly useful refresher of how to present myself (both in formal and informal situations). Stew himself is astonishingly personable and quickly made me feel at ease. Thoroughly recommended for anyone interested in making more of an impact.

    Sam MarkeySenior Adviser (Special Projects) at the Cabinet Office
  • Stewart is a positive force of nature. He is an amazing pitch coach who knows how to bring out the best in people so that when they go on stage to pitch they are the best version of themselves. He is also great to work with. High energy, passionate and effective.

    Diane PerlmanGlobal CMO at Mass Challenge
  • Stewart plays a key role in helping to ensure each of the presenters delivers their pitch as brilliant story-tellers, inspired and passionate about their companies. He is encouraging, fun, always honest and brings the best out in people, giving them skills they never thought they would ever have. I highly recommend him to anyone who has anything they need to say or sell.

    Jon BradfordFounder at F6S & tech.eu
  • As we have grown, the need to embed story-telling into our culture has become crucial.  We asked Amplify to coach our entire team from all over the UK on story-telling. It showed the leadership team the difference between where we thought we were at with story-telling skills and where our team was realistically. It highlighted strengths, weaknesses and has given us invaluable insight into our team. We have re-defined parts of our training program based on this session and are seeing a significant shift in how we interact with each other and the customer.

    Grant PowellManaging Director at Central Working
  • It was my first time pitching to 500 people in English, but I was full of energy and confidence. I love people who focus on a specific niche to make sure they are the best in what they do. It requires a lot of passion and professionalism and Stewart is exactly that kind of person.

    Kirill BigalCEO & Co-founder at Preply.com
  • Stewart’s subliminal skills to get the best out of you as a speaker are incredible. Having worked with him on several occasions, I can guarantee that he can turn anyone into an eloquent presenter.

    Diana ParedesCEO & Co-founder at Suade
  • With a few changes, I was able to ramp up my skills to a whole new level. Amplify are brilliant, they can pinpoint exactly what you need to change after watching you talk for a minute, and even more, create a plan totally tailored to your needs that you can achieve in a short time frame. You need to experience it to fully understand it.

    Rui Sousa CamposCEO at Coppr.net
  • Stewart is an amazingly patient, insightful and creative individual but most important of all is his excellent ability to adapt his pitch coaching style to his client. This allows him to get the very best out of his clients without turning them into something they are not.

    Alex SiljanovskiFounder at Basestone
  • It is a little surreal and magical working with Amplify, because the smallest of vocal or postural changes can lead to astonishingly powerful differences in presentation. We've no hesitation to recommend them to others and we've already been in touch to hire Amplify again. You won't be disappointed.

    Jonathan MayCEO at Hubbub.net
  • Tim brought a fresh perspective to the presentation training we do at Ignite. In just a short space of time he had each presenting founder up to a new level of narrative, confidence and clarity which shone through on stage and provided a brilliant closing moment for our program and valuable skills for the founders to take forwards.

    Martyn DaviesProgramme Director at Ignite Accelerator
  • Amplify ran a Pitching for Entrepreneurs workshop for us at London Business School. They delivered an extremely engaging session full of fun exercises and practical take away tips. Everyone left with more confidence and a smile on their face - and, most importantly, knowing they could deliver a great pitch.

    Toby KressHead of Accelerator at Business Incubator, London


One simple word: Joy. 

When an idea on the back of a napkin becomes a scaling company with 10, 20, 30, 40 (and so on) people, how do you keep the story, the vision, the passion alive? Joy and story. How do you hire well and keep the right people? How do you not lose the reason for the company, the joy of achieving something new, something never done before? Through story. As companies move and grow, so the story moves and grows – unless it gets left behind as a few bullet points and a nice idea. We help keep that story alive…

  • I've often asked myself - how can we go beyond the intellectual to the emotional level of interacting with people? Senior leadership need to challenge themselves and ask - could I be better at presenting? I came to Amplify to help me start this journey of change. They taught me some key tools and techniques, allowing me to think differently about how I approach presenting. It opened a door for me - I’ve started a journey from good to great presenting and I need to continue.

    Stephen PierceChief HR Officer at Hitachi Europe
  • I’m the kind of speaker that is confident once I am in the flow of the speech, however, I sometimes struggle with how to open. Since our coaching that has changed. The feedback I got from the conference (HR Vision, June 2014) was great – I was one of the highest ranked speakers and a lot of that was down to style and impact. I couldn't have been able to grab the audience’s attention as quickly, to ramp it up that extra 5% without Amplify's coaching.

    Teresa CollisHead of Global Competency & Culture Development at Talent Acquisition
  • It's all about the story - winning customers, keeping customers,  inspiring employees. To continue to be successful it's vital for Telefonica to be a story-telling business and that's why we work with Amplify. They have an incredible ability to help people open up, take off their corporate masks and, through very practical story-telling technique and a lot of fun, help people discover their passions and reasons for getting up for work. Whether an external speaking engagement or infuencing internally, we're now confident to call people to action to tell their stories. Working with Amplify has been a game-changer.

    Tom ChantHead of Customer Innovation at Telefonica (O2) UK
  • As one can imagine, bringing a global team together requires considerable time and expense so the time we allocate any activity during those meetings is very precious. I can genuinely say that our investment in time and energy with Amplify has delivered very tangible benefits to the business. They partnered with us to share the new Microsoft story in a way that makes it relevant for our customers, by bringing out the individual personalities of everyone in the room, ultimately leading to a very coherent, authentic and powerful narrative for Microsoft. It was a highly effective workshop and brought insights that we use in our work every day.

    Scott GainesWorldwide Head of Sales & Marketing Cap at Microsoft
  • Stewart has an amazing way to connect with people, and laser-focus attention on supporting them in their development. I would highly recommend him and Amplify to anyone who wants to develop their story-telling and presentation skills to better engage and deliver their message. The team still refers to his 'piece of string' and 'being on skis' tips when standing up presenting. Make sure you ask him about these.

    Jessica PlumbeHead of In Life Customers, Loyalty & Value at O2
  • Unsure of what to expect from such a workshop, I soon realized the immense value of what Amplify are doing. Stewart's energy and enthusiasm rubbed off on everyone taking part in the sessions and his feedback on my personal presentation style will be extremely valuable to me going forwards into my career. I learnt a lot about soft skills, presenting, body language, voice and attitude and I can honestly say that I now think about all of these factors very differently since the course.

    Florence BroderickBusiness Development Manager at Telefonica
  • Spending two days working with Amplify was truly life changing - their teaching, techniques and charisma made the sessions both incredibly fun but also undoubtedly worthwhile. The focus of the session was on presentation style, story telling and connecting with your audience. I personally saw a huge transformation in myself and every other colleague on the course! I know this session will do wonders for me in the work place.

    Tom RouterProduct Manager, Consumer Digital Comms at O2
  • Stewart's presentation workshop was incredibly immersive and impactful - not only did I learn a huge amount, but it was a truly engaging experience which I won't forget for a long time. It was certainly the best presentation coaching session I have ever attended and I would highly recommend his work

    Claire RampenCommercial Program Manager at Telefonica
  • I was really pleased with the session. Amplify gave me good help with posture and voice production and although I've done a lot of presenting, I picked up some really good tips.

    Peter BorehamPrincipal (Executive Remuneration) at Mercer
  • The approach Amplify took with our Senior Management Team at Hyder Consulting was spot on. They were highly professional, engaging and entertaining – and most importantly, everyone came away with a tip or technique that they would use in their next presentation – be it to a client, their team or to the Board. Our experience with Amplify was very positive and we will certainly be working with them again.

    Chantelle LudskiGlobal Chief Risk Officer at ARCADIS NV
  • Stewart is the master of transformation. The results that he and his team achieve are nothing short of extraordinary! His ability to drastically improve and impact individuals of all levels never ceases to amaze. Having worked closely with Amplify these past years, I've learned that there is no-one who cannot greatly benefit from their work. Furthermore, Stewart is an absolute pleasure to work with. He is sincere, trustworthy and deeply caring... a rare gentlemen in this modern world. I cannot recommend Stewart and Amplify enough.

    Jordan SchlipfPartner at Rainmaking Innovation




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Amplify’s first academy is here! In seven sessions we will coach you on posture, breathing, voice, how to create a compelling story and how to deliver it with impact to your audience. Currently available for £55. Click here.