The Team

Our Core Team

  • Stewart Bewley
    Stewart Bewley Founder and Director

    Stewart founded Amplify back in 2011 from an acting background, believing that if you unlocked people’s voices you would unlock their story and their businesses would thrive. To date he has coached over 7000 people, having Microsoft, Google, PWC, KPMG, Dow Jones, Hitachi, o2, BASF, Barclays and Virgin amongst his clients. He has helped 500 Startups to raise over a billion dollars in Seed funding and Series A, and works with Senior Executives from Siemens, SAP, GE, Microsoft, PWC, Microsoft, Ford, Legal & General and Edelman. He loves to travel and embrace all that life throws at him. That hugely varies, from Bollywood dancing with Microsoft Graduates in Hyderabad, India to coaching ex-Nasa Rocket scientists in the US, Florida about to pitch to Steve Case, founder of AOL! Stewart has an uncanny knack to see the person in front of him, listen to and absorb their story, re-tell it and coach them to amplify it beyond the realms of what they thought possible. He is also a big fan of flat whites, a deeply enthusiastic husband and father and keen musician.

  • Steve Morris
    Steve Morris Chief Operating Officer

    Steve started his career at UBS and not long after dramatically switched lanes to coaching young people. When he accidentally raised £50,000 in 20 minutes in for a charity he was supporting in South Africa the gears shifted again! He moved his entire family to South Africa to work on the leadership team of this charity – the Sozo Foundation, heading up the social enterprise arm of Sozo. He founded a youth cafe in a township and an artisan bakery to lift young people out of poverty before joining our core team in 2019. Before moving back to the UK He transformed the stories of the Startups at RLabs in Capetown and managed to pop over to Copenhagen to do the same for Rainmaking innovation. He is a preferred partner of Heartstyles – a tool for teams and individuals that measures how successfully they communicate their story. We call this “The Science behind the story” and we can’t wait to bring this to our clients! He is a lover of good coffee, a husband and father and staunch Arsenal fan.

  • Emily Pearson-Wiggs
    Emily Pearson-Wiggs Executive Assistant and Community Manager

    Emily has spent the best part of two decades, 17 years, working with people in HR – continually changing environments for both small and large businesses. She has led teams and always developed, supported and motivated to bring out the best in people. Her hands-on approach and utter commitment to delivering results, maintaining high standards through clear communication and integrity, is why we brought her on at Amplify to help us scale the business globally. She holds confidentiality key, has a keen eye for detail and prides herself on her efficient and organised reputation. Emily joined our core team in 2020 as Executive Assistant to Stewart and quickly became our Community Manager – overseeing the backroom of Amplify and helping us build the Amplify community of Coaches, Designers, Consultants… She is a lover of fresh smoothies, yoga and is a brilliant mum!

  • Mark Janes
    Mark Janes Designer

    Mark brought us “The Box” and is the most innovative person we know. Along his journey he has hung out with with James Corden, worked for Three Mobile as an Engagement specialist, launched “The Hour” – changing the way people look at work and rolled it out for ITV and Endemol shine and is currently working with Co:cubed on gamifying corporate innovation for FTSE 100 companies ..basically he is brilliant and changing the way we are working.

    Alongside The Box he is also designing and refining our app and we are so excited about this!

The Wider Team

Whether it’s designing your slides, training your team or your company of 100,000, we have a tribe of story-telling heroes to match your needs. From Actresses to advocates, designers to videographers, whilst doing their own brilliant work and running their own companies, a bit like the Avengers they come together with us at the right time to make sure you, our clients become story-telling heroes on every level.