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Since we began in 2012 we’ve coached Microsoft and Google to tell their stories and we’ve coached 500 Startups to raise over a billion dollars.

You don’t get things done by telling people to do them, you get things done by influencing people. So, we take what we do for startups and adapt it for internal teams in corporates, coaching them to pitch for influence.

We never use slides or talk at you for hours – we’re all about getting people involved so they can see their transformation unfold from the start.

Our commitment to your business is in our name – Amplify. We unlock confidence in our clients to overcome their fears and take our story-branding toolkit to every audience they face.

Where can we Amplify your story?

Build your team brand

We work with you over three months to build a team playbook that has a strong story that influences others.

We will listen to what you are doing and help you translate it into a story that your team can tell. We’ll do an audit on your audience, mapping our your stakeholders, what they need to hear and how we connect your story to their world. We will turn this map into a playbook that we will design for you and your team. We will create a game plan and every member of your team 1:1 on playing their part in it – their audiences, their messages and their strategy.

As a preferred partner of Heartstyles we will use their tool to benchmark the success of the story you are telling.

Teams aren’t static – they’re always moving, evolving and changing. So we will also equip you with the tools to continue writing your own story.

Boost your sales

Stories are key if you want to persuade people to part with their money. They give people something to relate to and connect with – stories mean people are not only willing but actually keen to listen to what your business has to say.

We’ll work with your in-house marketing teams, salespeople and fundraisers to shape and sharpen their language, grow the impact of the stories they are telling and fill them with confidence to win more business.

Win new investment

We’ve coached on over 80 start-up accelerator programmes, and on every one we’ve seen that as people grow in confidence and develop their storytelling skills their success with investors skyrockets. The top 500 startups we have coached have raised over a billion dollars between them since being coached by Amplify.

We control the whole process from pitch creation to pitch delivery. Through 1:1 intensives on everything from script sculpting and storytelling to posture, breathing and stage technique we unlock people’s stories so they can think on their feet, own the space and raise the cash they need.

For a more detailed breakdown of how we work with entrepreneurs and early-stage business, take a look at our playbook.

Scale your start-up

So what happens the day after the pitch, when the money comes in, the team needs to grow and the investors want a piece of the pie? We don’t just care about the pitch, we care about what happens to you and your team after.

As a preferred partner of Heartstyles we will use their indicator to coach you through your strengths and weaknesses as a communicator and to build a culture where people thrive, your startup scales like it is meant to and you are swimming, not sinking!

Case studies


Storybranding skills transform Microsoft leaders’ outlook, boosting team motivation and growing sales.

Appy Parking

Storybranding confidence helps take Appy Parking from scrappy start-up to award-winning business success.

Rise of the Rest

New pitching power grows opportunities for rural start-ups, attracting legendary investors and big money.

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