Our core team

  • Stewart Bewley

    A colleague once told Stewart that he was so compelling he should start a cult – but he decided to use his persuasive powers for good rather than evil and so started Amplify instead! (Check out ‘Our story’ to find out more about how that adventure began.) The first ten years of Stewart’s career had prepared him well for developing people’s storytelling abilities as he’d been working as a professional actor, which gave him a great practical toolbox of ways to communicate powerfully with an audience. This experience, combined with his genuine love for people and passion for growing their confidence, makes him one heck of an inspiring, encouraging, and empowering coach. Stewart has led Amplify to coaching on more than 70 start-up accelerators around the world, working with senior executives at companies like Hitachi and O2, co-creating a graduate story-induction programme for Microsoft, and touring the US coaching with Google. He’s also a big fan of flat whites, a brilliantly enthusiastic father and husband, and a keen musician.

  • Ginny Radmall
    Ginny Radmall SENIOR COACH

    Ginny began her career coaching for a charity that works to help disadvantaged youth find employment. So it was a natural step to take that desire to see people be the best they can be and put it to work for Amplify, when she joined us full time in 2016. She knows within 10 seconds what the person in front of her needs and has the exact combination of insight, self-assurance, and warmth it takes to bring out the best in them – which is why she’s been amazing at helping to scale Amplify over the last few years. She got us coaching on the first-ever Google demo day in China, she’s taken us to the US and Singapore with Microsoft, and she can handle coaching anyone from the corporate bigwigs at PricewaterhouseCoopers and the NHS to the fresh young minds taking WeWork global. Ginny is wonderfully, compassionately relentless in not letting people achieve second best, she’s a great listener, and she appreciates excellent coffee!

Our associates

  • Anna Newcome

    Anna is another Amplifer with a professional acting background, as well as being an accomplished director and scriptwriter (cool fact – she’s worked with James Carny, the co-author of the BBC sitcom Miranda). Similarly to Stew, Anna found these work experiences gave her a great blend of practical speaking and presenting skills as well as insight into how to connect with listeners through telling great stories – which is what led her to start coaching others to do the same. She’s particularly experienced in the education sector, most notably having coached people for the University of Birmingham and Kings College London, as well as doing a stint coaching soldiers in the British Army! Since joining Amplify in early 2018 she’s helped us begin work with institutions like South Bank University, as well as supporting our coaching work with a variety of start-up accelerators across the UK and Europe. Anna also balances out Stew and Ginny’s coffee obsessions with her firm belief that very little in life is better than a good cup of tea.

  • Steve Morris

    It’s always good to have someone on your team who’s so brilliant at winning people over with amazing stories that he can raise £30,000 in seven minutes – by accident! (Definitely a tale worth asking him about sometime.) The charity that benefitted from Steve’s persuasive abilities, the Sozo Foundation, helps young people in South Africa in danger of dropping out of school to finish well and find stable employment – something Steve is now involved with full time, as part of Sozo’s CEO team. Having spent most of his career pioneering innovative social enterprises, including a local café that also offers skills training to vulnerable teenagers and an artisan bakery school helping unemployed youth get a foothold in the baking industry, Steve is perfectly placed to help Amplify as we coach entrepreneurs and start-ups to share the stories of their businesses in more powerful and engaging ways. He can take absolutely anyone’s nervous mumblings and help turn them into a compelling story that inspires people to invest. Although he’s now based in beautiful Cape Town, he keeps his London roots alive by remaining a staunch Arsenal fan.

  • Bethany Joy

    Beth shares the Amplify passion for storytelling, but focuses her work on the page rather than the stage. As our resident brand voice expert she believes that whether it’s on your website, some product packaging, a blog, or a sign for your office toilets, the language your company uses should always show people who you are and what you stand for. Which means not only paying attention to what you say, but how you say it. Beth’s whole career has revolved around the exploration and creative use of language, with various roles managing Comms teams in the charity sector followed by brand consultancy work and a writing role at a digital agency. Now she’s a freelance copywriter and brand voice developer, and when it comes to her work with Amplify that means helping make sure that the vision, passion, and personality of the businesses we work with can shine through everything you write as well as the words you speak. Beth’s also our resident junk food champion and can always be relied on to tempt you with biscuits!

  • Marcus Druen

    With his early career experiences in business change and executive development at places like T-Mobile and Telefonica, it’s no surprise that over the years a wealth of corporate coaching opportunities have come Marcus’ way and these days he’s seen as a leader in change management. Right now he’s working as an independent business consultant to catalyse courageous change at both individual and strategic levels – so that companies have more inspiring purposes, practice more authentic leadership, and make a more sustainable impact. He’s perceptive, kind, challenging, deeply caring, and overall utterly brilliant at bringing the natural leader out of people. So it makes sense that his work with Amplify is mainly around the ‘Smart Influencer’ immersive leadership lab, which he and Stew first designed together for our work with Microsoft in the UK and have since taken to three other continents. Marcus loves anything that brings human beings together and is also a huge foodie, and especially enjoys combining those two things!

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