Stewart Bewley

The “I can’t believe people don’t know how to present so I am starting a business” Director and Founder.

Stewart founded Amplify on Easter Day in 2011 in a shower with a thought – that he could go into corporates and teach them how to present. As an actor, he knew the technique to communicate powerfully to any audience, but would it work in the business world? His list of clients would argue “Yes” to that. His highlights include co-creating a Graduate program for Microsoft, coaching on an innovation lab for PWC, KPMG, coaching senior executives at Hitachi, o2 and Legal & General and touring the US with Google. Other Clients include Vodafone, Dow Jones, Zappos (yes, the online shoe store), Hauk & Aufhauser (Germany’s oldest private bank), Mayor of London, Heliad Ventures. His insatiable passion for communication has also opened the global doors for coaching on story-telling, pitching and leadership in the startup and SME world as well as corporates. He has led Amplify to coach on 65 startup Accelerator programs from the UK to the US and beyond, helping 300 companies to raise over half a billion dollars. He is currently working with a German Startup on their IPO. Clients include Techstars London & Berlin, Techstars & Barclays, Google for Entrepeneurs, touring with Steve Case (founder of AOL) and the Rise of the Rest fund, Microsoft Ventures, Barclays Accelerator, Metro Accelerator (Berlin), Startup Bootcamp (FinTech, InsurTech), Wayra, Level 39, Mass Challenge,  Cylon Accelerator, New Entrepeneurs Foundation, Collider, Pitch@Palace, Startup Wiseguys Estonia (the list goes wonderfully on) … He has never had a business plan, is a natural-born story-teller, husband, father, actor, musician and lover of flat whites!


Ginny Radmall

The “Oh my gosh, you are brilliant and I need to bring you on board” Associate.

Ginny was shadowing Stew in July 2016 when he was coaching a Cyber Security Accelerator in Hammersmith. He asked her to give feedback and the feedback was pure coaching gold. Stew over lunch offered her a job (and might have said “I have no money and no work, but get ready”) and four months later she leapt on board. Within half a year Ginny was coaching for our lead clients, including the global accelerator Techstars and she had designed and delivered a brand new piece for Microsoft in Las Vegas (before heading with them to Singapore). She won us Google and is the reason we are able to scale. She is simply brilliant. Like all Amplify coaches, she knows within 10 seconds what the client needs and has the skills and character to bring it out of them. Clients she has coached include the NHS, PWC, Alltech, Dogpatch labs, Google for Entrepeneurs, Barclays & Techstars Rise Accelerator, SAP Foundry, Winton Ventures, Startup Bootcamp (Internet of Things). Before Amplify, Ginny was lead coach for Resurgo, a charity that sees 75% of disadvantaged youth find successful employment. That is not an easy task and it is her passion to see her clients expressing themselves freely and creatively that enables them and her to succeed. She is highly intuitive, excellent at listening, married to Jon and a lover of very good coffee!


Anna Newcome

The “Wow we planned this scaling thing in theory and then we met you” Associate.

Anna started her coaching life when a soldier asked her for feedback on his presentation (no joke)! Having worked as an actor for a decade she knew exactly what to do and her coaching career was launched. When she spoke to Stew in March 2018 it only took him 2 minutes to realise she had the Amplify DNA and he asked her to join. Since joining Amplify she has already coached for South Bank University, is coaching on Techstars, one of the world’s largest startup Accelerators and is rapidly building a portfolio of startups from London to Estonia! Before Working for Amplify she coached for the University of Birmingham, Kings College London and the British Army. She is an accomplished director, script writer and has worked with James Carny, the co-author of the BBC sitcom “Miranda”. She is an absolute gift to Amplify and despite her not being a lover of flat whites and would rather have a cup of tea, we love having her on board.


Joel Wallington

The “You are awesome at Change Management, it is part of any company’s story, so let’s get you on board” Associate.

At the age of 21 Joel founded Chasing Zero, an amazing charity using tech and mobile phones to stop the next generation of children from being born with HIV. It is truly ground-breaking, award-winning and works across sub-Saharan Africa. Chasing Zero have partnered with MTV, Tearfund and Björn Borg AB. If that wasn’t enough for Joel, he then decided to do a Masters in Corporate Entrepreneurship and Innovation! Since leaving the classroom he has made huge waves in the corporate world, working with global brands such as Jaguar Land Rover (and picking up another award “Customer Hero of the year”) and corporations in the telecoms and transport industry in change management, leadership, and technology. Joel is passionate about turning ideas into reality and has a rare gift of extracting the ‘gold’ in people to do exactly this. He makes the complex simple and is a genius at delivering inspiring written pieces of communication. Spending any time with Joel is a gift and we love having him at Amplify!


Marcus Druen

The “Hey let’s collaborate, win Microsoft as a client and create something cool around leadership” Associate.

Marcus first met Stew when he was coaching 20 founders in the Wayra Accelerator (with Telefonica) and re-connected a couple of years later over coffee when he was launching his own business. The conversation went something like this “Hey Marcus, I am pitching for work with Microsoft. It probably won’t happen but what would you do on day 2 around the subject of leadership”? It set a huge rocket of collaboration off, it won Amplify the work with Microsoft and led to an accidental co-design of a two day coaching piece and a beautiful friendship. By the end of 2015 Stew and Marcus had co-designed and delivered immersive leadership labs with no slides for Microsoft all over the world, from Brasil to Dubai, to South Africa, to India. Today that piece of work has become “The Smart Influencer”. No longer content to wait for a client to come to them, Stew and Marcus are taking this coaching out to the world. It may have started in a coffee shop in Whitechapel but the future is global and Microsoft has been just the beginning. Marcus is fantastic to collaborate with. He is perceptive, kind, challenging, deeply caring and utterly brilliant at bringing the natural leader out of the individual. He helps them solve their business situations in the here-and-now. He is a foodie, father, husband and lover of all things that connect us as humans!


Bethany Joy

the “I need to find someone to help me write, you are brilliant at this and make my words make sense, can we have you on our team?” Associate.

Beth shares the Amplify passion for storytelling, but focuses her work on the page rather than the stage. As our resident brand voice expert she believes that whether it’s on your website, some product packaging, a blog, or a sign for your office toilets, the language your company uses should always tell your story – it should say something about who you are and what you stand for. And that means not only paying attention to what you say, but how you say it. Beth’s whole career has revolved around the exploration and creative use of language, with various roles managing Comms teams in the charity sector followed by work as a writer and brand developer at a digital agency. Now she’s a freelance writer and brand voice consultant, spending her days playing with words and teaching others how to do the same – so that the vision, passion and personality of your business can shine through everything you write.

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