For the past seven years we have been honing the art of story-branding. Now it’s time to take that Amplify DNA and put it online.

Here are five ways you can connect with us online

    • Learn how to pitch in nine short videos - 39 minutes to re-shape your story.
  • Zoom
    • Connect with us on Zoom and pitch to us. We give you instant feedback on content, design and delivery and train you to create a stronger narrative and deliver a better pitch.
  • Academy
    • Startup or Corporate, we all need to pitch, so with all our training we give you access to our academy. Here is a sneak preview of one of our nine sessions.
  • Webinar
    • When you can’t get everyone in the room you need we deliver webinars for your teams – whether they are corporate or startups, on content, delivery, listening and conflict.

1) Each month send us two videos of you presenting, one before and one after our coaching. Videos must be no more than two minutes long and sent via

2) We send a video back giving detailed coaching on your content and delivery. We give practical exercises on content and delivery which you can pickup really easily from our online academy You put our coaching into practise by sending us your second video. You will see your immediate growth and we will see the speed at which you learn. Then we get to shape your journey to transformation that fits with your personality, schedule and ability. As each month and each video goes by as you remain accountable to us your voice will become stronger, your stories more compelling and you will become more confident. This will be a game-changer for you and your company.

So what do you have to do?

For Startups, SME’s and Corporates we offer tailor made solutions. Please Get in touch

For individuals we have three offers. All you have to do is click on the link and we will start the journey!

  • Bronze package (£60 per month) – send us one video and we send you one back with detailed coaching. This is a great litmus test for where your presentation skills stand.
  • Silver package (£120 per month) – you get full access to the online journey for as long as you want it. We recommend a minimum 6 month subscription to see the transformation really start to land.
  • Gold Package (£360 per month) – gives you full access to the online journey plus 45 minutes Skype coaching per month with one of our coaches. Not only do we see you on video, but we also get coach you 1:1, going deep into the things that hinder your presenting and unlocking the things that will bring about transformation.