Whether you’re a shiny new start-up or a world-renown brand, success hinges on the same thing – people being interested enough in what you’re offering to take action.

That could be a funder investing in your company, a customer buying your product or service, or your team feeling motivated and committed to your cause. Whatever your role and whatever your goal, the ability to confidently and persuasively share the story of your business is vital.

So we can help you and your team learn to do just that, through anything from a one-off workshop to coaching and support over several weeks or months. All our work is bespoke, and we promise to keep things practical, interactive, and fun.

We never use slides or talk at you for hours – we’re all about getting people involved from the start, so they feel themselves beginning to transform even before they leave the room.

Ultimately our commitment to your business is in our name – Amplify. We bring out and strengthen the innate abilities of the people in front of us so that they’re not simply armed with a communication toolkit but empowered in their own ability to use it. Because we’ve seen firsthand that businesses with energetic, engaging, and inspiring storytellers will always have the highest hope of success.

Where do you need to be Amplified?

Win new investment

We’ve coached on over 70 start-up accelerator programmes, and on every one we’ve seen that as people grow in confidence and develop their storytelling skills their success with investors skyrockets. In fact, the top 534 start-ups we’ve coached have raised over a billion dollars between them.

Through a series of exercises targeting everything from script sculpting and storytelling to posture, breathing, and stage technique, we help people become passionate presenters who can think on their feet, own their space, and inspire the room.

For a more detailed breakdown of how we work with entrepreneurs and early-stage business, take a look at our playbook.

Lead with confidence

Business leadership can be hugely exhilarating and rewarding. But it also comes with its fair share of challenges – making sure your company evolves and keeps pace with wider trends, setting vision and maintaining momentum, and getting people engaged and working towards the same goals.

Which is why we help leaders hone their ability to tell great stories – to build a compelling, strategic narrative and bring others together around it. Through either 1-1 coaching or small group work, we support leaders at all levels to develop their presentation technique and story-crafting skills so they can help those they lead to make sense of the business and their role in it.

Boost your sales

Stories are key if you want to persuade people to part with their money. They give people something to relate to and connect with – stories mean people are not only willing but actually keen to listen to what your business has to say.

So we’ll work with your in-house marketing teams, salespeople, and fundraisers to shape and sharpen their language, grow their ability to craft stories in every context, and fill them with confidence in both themselves and the stories they’re telling – so they can inspire action and win more business time and time again.

Energise your teams

Confident presenting and storytelling doesn’t only help you engage people outside of your business – it’s inspiring for those on the inside too. Our coaching can help people when they’re sharing new ideas with colleagues, preparing for meetings, pitching a suggestion to their boss, or reassuring stakeholders.

We can work with teams of all shapes and sizes to unpack what it takes to create and deliver a great story, overcoming people’s fears around public speaking and helping them feel calm and confident – whether they’re talking to one person or one hundred.

Case studies


Storytelling skills transform Microsoft leaders’ outlook, boosting team motivation and growing sales.

Appy Parking

Storytelling confidence helps take Appy Parking from scrappy start-up to award-winning business success.

Rise of the Rest

New pitching power grows opportunities for rural start-ups, attracting legendary investors and big money.

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