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Rediscover your story and tell it with impact to your board, to your people and to the world.

Voices we have unlocked

One-to-one coaching on your story and your brand

The story of your leadership is crucial. We have spent the past few years working with Senior Executives from Microsoft, Hitachi, Vodafone, O2, Ford, Edelman, GE, Legal & General, SAP, Siemens, Givaudan, Bloomberg and Zappos to help them unlock their leadership story.

Digital coaching for individuals and executive teams

You are your biggest asset and right now that can only be seen on the screen. So we work with executive committees and individuals in 1-2 hour sessions where we will listen to your stories and coach you on content. When your content is ready we train you in story-telling skills – from posture, breathing and voice to delivery, getting rid of any bad habits and enabling you to deliver a powerful story for any presentation, conversation, video, webinar or board meeting.

  • ‘The best training I ever invested in – I still practice what we worked on together over three years ago.’

    Len Welter Product Manager for Message at Bloomberg PLC
  • ‘Amplify are masters of transformation - the results they achieve are nothing short of extraordinary!’

    Jordan Schlipf Co-founder and Partner, Rainmaking Innovation
  • ‘Before we started I was nervous, if not a little skeptical – but Amplify’s coaching is very practical and insightful and gives solid takeaways. The skills I’ve picked up have had a huge impact on how I now present – I sound more credible and can deliver more information succinctly. They’re brilliant coaches!’

    Hollie Delaney Chief People Strategist, Zappos family of companies
  • ‘I can genuinely say that our investment in time and energy with Amplify has delivered very tangible benefits to the business. They partnered with us to share the new Microsoft story in a way that makes it relevant for our customers, by bringing out the individual personalities of everyone in the room, ultimately leading to a very coherent, authentic and powerful narrative for Microsoft.’

    Scott Gaines Former Worldwide Head of Sales & Marketing Cap, Microsoft
  • ‘It's all about the story – winning customers, keeping customers, inspiring employees. To continue to be successful it's vital for Telefonica to be a story-telling business and that's why we work with Amplify. They have an incredible ability to help people open up, take off their corporate masks and, through very practical story-telling technique and a lot of fun, help people discover their passions and reasons for getting up for work. Whether an external speaking engagement or influencing internally, we're now confident to call people to action to tell their stories. Working with Amplify has been a game-changer.’

    Tom Chant Head of Devices & Financial Products, O2 (Telefónica UK)
  • ‘I took a two-day coaching session with Amplify in 2019. I had been told that it would be brilliant but I did not know it would be life changing! The return on my investment was multiplied by 100x at least! (A message to my fellow corporate colleagues and startup founders: you can’t miss this experience!)’

    Maria Bettencourt Tavares Former Head of Global Innovation Strategy for Givaudan – Corporate Finance & Business Development

Coaching to help you stretch and grow

Spend a 2.5 hour session with Amplify and unlock your team’s story.

You need time to create, re-fresh and re-tell your story. We will coach you as a team, listening and facilitating you to map out the future to your audiences, internal and external.

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