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A story-telling toolkit to help you unlock everyone’s voices, from your intern to your CEO.

Voices we have unlocked

What stories does your business need to tell?

And who needs to tell them? In a post Covid-19 world every business has a story they need to deliver with incredible energy and from the online internship program to the virtual board meeting to the sales’ team’s calls, it is not easy. We make it possible to overcome any obstacle and present like your company’s life depends on it (maybe it does).

Team Coaching

We have coached sales teams at Microsoft, HR Executives at Hitachi and engineers at BCG. Everything we do is bespoke, but has our Amplify DNA running through it. Whether you are selling to customers or needing to influence internally, whether you have a 20 minute presentation, a 2.5 minute video or need to host a meeting on screen, we will coach you to Amplify your voice so the best version of you shows up every time.

Tell your Team Story in Three Acts

Act I (90 minutes) – Learn the Business Story

We will coach you to create and deliver a story with a beginning, middle and end. We coach live in front of the room, applying this story technique to your business and coaching you to craft and deliver stories that are jargon-free and picture-ful. Everything we do is deeply practical and brings about immediate change. You will see it in the room with your people and how their stories come alive.

Act II (90 minutes). Listen to Their Story

You don’t have a right to speak until you learn to listen. We will coach you on deeply practical listening skills so you can hear the story your audiences are sharing. Be warned – this 90 minutes will change how you view your life and your relationships. Not for the faint hearted but for those who want to change and grow.

Act III (60 minutes) – Land the Story

Land the coaching in the reality of your business. We will faciliate the room (physical or virtual) to learn from each other, share their struggles and successes and land all this coaching in real life scenarios. This is where the transformation happens before our very eyes.

Tell your Team Story in Five Acts

If you could tell the story of your business in 2.5 minutes what would that do for your sales, your investments, your comms internally? We call this the pre-watch. Your audiences will thank you for it and you will know how to create and tell a compelling story in a very short amount of time. Here is what each act looks like. Get in touch to see examples of our work.

Act I (60 minutes). Learn your story.
Act II (60 minutes). Learn the business story.
Act III (60 minutes). Deliver the business story.
Act IV (60 minutes). Get feedback on your story.
Act V (two weeks later). Receive your story on video, fully produced with graphics and music.

  • Amplify’s team coaching is brilliant, bringing teaching, humour and challenge to our guys that sends them breezing through the edge of their comfort zones even before they have noticed! The improvement in their skills in this short time was tremendous. It was memorable and practical.

    Head of Talent, Thales

Executive Coaching

We have coached Executives from Microsoft, Hitachi, SAP, GE, Allianz, Ford, Siemens. And we know this – she/he who tells the best story wins. How you tell your story and what story you tell to your people and your board is as important as the knowledge you have inside of you. We will coach you to unlock your true voice and your story so you can have the impact you need to excel in these times. Get in touch for a consultation.

  • ‘The best training I ever invested in – I still practice what we worked on together over three years ago.’

    Len Welter Product Manager for Message at Bloomberg PLC
  • ‘Amplify are masters of transformation - the results they achieve are nothing short of extraordinary!’

    Jordan Schlipf Co-founder and Partner, Rainmaking Innovation

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