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Supercharge your cohorts with industry-leading pitch coaching that has helped to raise billions.

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Train your cohort to unlock their unique story

We’ve worked with over 100 accelerators globally – online and offline – and on the way we’ve helped more than 500 startups raise more than $3bn. No matter how many times your startups need to pivot, we work with them to unlock their story whether it’s day one, week twelve or month nine. No matter how long your programme is, we’re there for the journey.

Our Accelerator Toolkit

From Freightwaves in Chattanooga, USA, ($76 million raised) to Kano in London Bridge, UK ($46 million raised), from Sendbird at Techstars London ($120,000,00 raised), to Tessian in Hammersmith, UK ($56 million, funded by Sequoia Capital), from Wynd in Berlin ($130,000,000) to Hargol Foodtech in Israel ($4.25 million), from grasshoppers to diamonds, from cyber security to coding, from trucks to blockchain, we have travelled the world making our clients pitch ready.

Now the Amplify toolkit is available everywhere. It’s in your back pocket, on your laptop at home, or on your desktop at the office. It’s the best of everything we’ve done, now designed for you and your people wherever they are, whenever they need it.

Pocketcoach Global

Founders are always pitching. It’s a nightmare presenting on screen. And there’s currently no way to get consistent, timely feedback on presentations.

Until now. Our app includes interactive video modules for startups to hone their pitch and learn to be consistently brilliant storytellers.


One-to-one Pitch Coaching

From one and a half hour to full Executive Journeys this 1:1 coaching is bespoke to your needs. We will work with you, from content creation to delivery to influence your investors, the Board, your team and your customers. You are your brand. Our job is to listen to you, draw out your story and then coach you to tell it with the most impact.

  • ‘Having worked with Amplify on several occasions I can guarantee that they can turn anyone into an eloquent presenter – their almost subliminal skills to get the best out of you as a speaker are incredible. I would highly recommend Amplify to anyone that wants to become a champion at public speaking.’

    Diana Paredes CEO and Co-Founder, Suade Labs
  • ‘Amplify are masters of transformation - the results they achieve are nothing short of extraordinary!’

    Jordan Schlipf Co-founder and Partner, Rainmaking Innovation
  • ‘My company raised one of the largest seed rounds in Europe (more than $3m) and it’s no exaggeration to say that Amplify played a significant part in that. The techniques they taught me gave me lasting confidence to stand up and engage the audience and have transformed how I present, sell, and lead. Amplify has been an absolute game-changer for my business.’

    Mick Hagen Founder of Mainframe
  • ‘We’ve used Amplify again and again to coach our staff – they have the ability to take anyone and transform them into fantastic storytellers. Stewart is one of the most entertaining but also transformational coaches I have ever met in person, and no matter who you are or where your strengths and weaknesses lie he will get the best out of you. With the help of their coaching we’ve raised over $2,500,000 in VC funding and much more in sales revenue!’

    Dan Strang CEO of EventsTag, Homewerk and We Are Interact
  • ‘Amplify were an invaluable support for our founders, coaching them to deliver a world-class pitch in front of an auditorium full of investors, mentors, senior executives and community leaders.’

    Franziska Lohl Former Director of Techstars
  • ‘Public speaking was never on my agenda but I soon realised that presenting my story to investors and being on stage was an essential part of my business. I met Amplify while AppyParking attended the Microsoft Ventures Accelerator. Their amazing knack of filling people with stage presence and energy allowed me to stand up and engage a crowd of 500 investors. I now take these skills with me everywhere I go.’

    Dan Hubert Founder, Appy Parking (raised to date $13,000,000)
  • ‘I took a two-day coaching session with Amplify in 2019. I had been told that it would be brilliant but I did not know it would be life changing! The return on my investment was multiplied by 100x at least! (A message to my fellow corporate colleagues and startup founders: you can’t miss this experience!)’

    Maria Bettencourt Tavares Former Head of Global Innovation Strategy for Givaudan – Corporate Finance & Business Development
  • ‘When we bring Amplify into our accelerator programme, it's as if our startups have taken the pill from the movie Limitless. Amplify bring a unique combination of deep personal insights, strong commercial understanding and the energy of a scottish windfarm. Each engagement is transformational for our founders, helping them to rediscover their story in a way which engages clients and moves the pen of investors.’

    Jeremy Bassett CEO, Co:Cubed

Team Coaching

Spend a 2.5 hour session with Amplify and unlock your team’s story.

You need time to create, re-fresh and re-tell your story. We will coach you as a team, listening and facilitating you to map out the future to your audiences, internal and external.

  • Amplify’s team coaching is brilliant, bringing teaching, humour and challenge to our guys that sends them breezing through the edge of their comfort zones even before they have noticed! The improvement in their skills in this short time was tremendous. It was memorable and practical.

    Head of Talent, Thales

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