AmplifyMe App

Covid19 has added immense pressure for us to tell our stories well on our only stage the screen. What everyone needs is the right tech to embed the right training to tell their stories now and to thrive under pressure.

We have created an app for these times – Training and embedding storytelling into everyone’s brains and bodies. Train a team of 10 or a company of 100,000, our app will get the much needed skillset of storytelling and powerful communication into the hands of everyone in your company!

Introducing The Amplify app:
Slay your public speaking dragons and become a memorable storytelling hero.

– Daily + snackable coaching that covers content creation to delivery.

Our friends at ‘Feed Your Elephant’ have designed an algorithm to make sure your learning embeds into your mind and body, so you become fluent in the language of storytelling. We packed everything we’ve discovered about storytelling from the years, countries and companies we’ve coached and placed it all into a unique learning experience for you.

– Level-up through difficulty as you get closer to slaying the dragon.

Everyone has a powerful story within them and has the potential to be memorable everywhere they go. The problem is that people just don’t believe it, especially when they first start. So, we give you the confidence by inviting you a journey. We promise you, you won’t end the same person you started!

– Slay your dragon in a simulated pitch-arena called ‘The Box’

This simulation game is a chance for you to get ready for the real world dragons, to put into practice everything you have learned, to be a determined storyteller, not a derailed one! In the real world, you don’t get to ‘try out’ these moments, you get ‘one shot’, as Eminem says. ‘The Box’ is that safe space. Well, we say ‘safe’. It can be pretty terrifying.

You’ll be pitching to your friends and co-workers or live 1-2-1 with an expert storytelling coach.

Our mission:

To be your companion that trains you for the battles you face every day: to win the girl, win the boy, get investment, silence the classroom, wow the board and rule the world… okay – maybe not all those things all at once, but if we can equip you to fight and win, empower you to share your story and embed skills so deep within you, it’s part of your DNA, then we’ve completed our mission!

For employers:

– Track your heroes

You will be able to see the app as a flow and see how your employees are developing as storytellers. We don’t believe in over-surveillance, but you’ll have everything you need to make better decisions when it comes to who you should invest in, how your people are growing and who needs to take the next step in their career.

– Tailor The Box

Depending on your budget, you can set ‘The Box’ for a select group or your entire company:

1. Public Arena: Large group; powered by Zoom
2. Private Arena: Smaller group; powered by app
3. Personal Arena: 1-1 battle with app creator; powered by app or in person post COVID19

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