Posture Re-Aligning, The String:

Get your posture sorted to stand tall, look great and breathe well. Pull yourself up on to your tiptoes, pull yourself taller by imagining there is a string coming out of your head (it feels weird but works), then slowly lower down. The trick is to try and remain at the same height as you lower down. It makes your stomach and neck longer. Roll your shoulders back and go to a breathing exercise.

Calming Breathing:

Breathe out through your mouth to expel all the air. Now close your mouth and breathe in through your nose, allowing your stomach to balloon out. Now breathe out, allowing all the air to be sucked out of your stomach. Repeat 5 times, You are preparing your body to connect with your voice whilst calming yourself down.

Voice Connection:

It’s loud but worth it (you can do a quieter version if needs be). Breathe out to expel the air, breathe in through your nose and then hum any note, for as long as you can to the other side of the room and beyond. When you hum, imagine you are sending the sound into the front of your mouth and trying to make your lips tingle. You will hear the difference between back-of-the-throat humming and front-of-the-mouth. You want front-of-the-mouth. Breathe in, pick a different note and hum to the front of the mouth. Do this four times with different notes. Then, if you can, during the next hum, open out to a nice wide “AAAAH”. Breathe in, hum out and open to you saying “MY name is ____ (Fill in the blanks)”. Your voice is loud, forward, rich, supported and ready to go.

If you can’t make a loud sound then hum very quietly into the top of your head and the bottom of your neck, going as high as you can at the top of your head (Bee Gees falsetto) and as low as you can at the bottom of your throat. It warms up all the notes you are about to use.

Facial Warm-Up And Energy Boost

Warm up the tongue – clean your teeth with your tongue eight times clockwise then anti-clockwise. Say “prunes”, squash up your face and say “bananas”, opening up your face. If you can, say “prunes” quietly and “bananas”, making a nice and high sound. Now bounce on your toes, jump up and down, shake your arms out, take a sip of water, and walk to your presenting spot (stage/meeting room/skype call) with purpose. Don’t forget to smile and breathe before you speak.

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