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Stewart Bewley — Founder and CEO

I love seeing my clients transform into confident communicators.

From corporates to startups, I unlock your voice through Amplify’s communication coaching.
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Dan Strang

Dan is scrappy - for as long as I have known him he always has been. He has this glint in his eye and a determination to create something out of an opportunity. That's what makes him a great entrepreneur.

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Derrick A Parson

Derrick A Parsons is a presence in the room – six feet tall (at least), larger than life – and when I met him at the Google for Startups: Black Founder Exchange in North Carolina I was deeply impressed.

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Felicia Jackson

The first thing I do when I coach people is to get them to tell me their story. I don’t want them pitch it or try to impress me, just tell me the story. You can see people relax, turn off their serious voice and get real. These stories always carry a heart and soul.

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Florence Broderick

When we coach people we seek for nothing less than transformation – in their confidence in how they tell and live their stories. We are looking to unlock the story-telling hero within. Flo is not easy to impress.

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