We help leaders, teams and organisations unlock their story and tell it with simplicity and confidence. We call this story-branding.

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  • "I thought I was an OK public speaker – but Amplify made me dig deep and I found my voice in a whole new way. It was truly a life-changing day and I am so grateful to have had such expert and insightful coaching. We won the bid we were going for and I now feel so much more confident in my ability to lead this charity!"

    Ruth Rice Director of Renew Wellbeing
  • "The best training I ever invested in - I still practice what we worked on together over three years ago."

    Len Welter Product Manager for Message at Bloomberg PLC
  • "Stewart is the best! His almost subliminal skills to get the best out of you as a speaker are incredible. Having worked with him on several occasions I can guarantee that he can turn anyone into an eloquent presenter. I would highly recommend Amplify to anyone that wants to become a champion at public speaking."

    Diana Paredes CEO and Co-Founder of Suade Labs
  • "Amplify worked with a group with mixed abilities and quite a bit of skepticism – but they completely won everyone over! Their training has given us all confidence, appreciation of each other, and a new love of our company and product suite. Anyone who’s customer facing should take Amplify’s training."

    Colette Langley Business Development Manager at BlackBaud
  • "Amplify are just amazing at connecting with people and supporting them in their development. I would highly recommend them."

    Jessica Plumbe Senior Business Operations Manager for Alexa at Amazon
  • "Amplify are masters of transformation - the results they achieve are nothing short of extraordinary!"

    Jordan Schlipf Co-founder and Partner at Rainmaking Innovation
  • "Before we started I was nervous, if not a little skeptical – but Amplify’s coaching is very practical and insightful and gives solid takeaways. The skills I’ve picked up have had a huge impact… They’re brilliant coaches!"

    Hollie Delany Chief Human Resources Officer at Zappos.com
  • "My company raised one of the largest seed rounds in Europe (more than $3m) and it’s no exaggeration to say that Amplify played a significant part in that. The techniques they taught me gave me lasting confidence to stand up and engage the audience and have transformed how I present, sell, and lead. Amplify has been an absolute game-changer for my business."

    Mick Hagen Founder of Mainframe
  • "We’ve used Amplify again and again to coach our staff – they have the ability to take anyone and transform them into fantastic storytellers. Stewart is one of the most entertaining but also transformational coaches I have ever met in person, and no matter who you are or where your strengths and weaknesses lie he will get the best out of you. With the help of their coaching we’ve raised over $2,500,000 in VC funding and much more in sales revenue!"

    Dan Strang CEO of Eventstag
  • "Amplify’s senior coach Ginny is one of the most dedicated, friendly, and joyful people you could work with. Her attention to detail in her work is remarkable and she helped our startup teams get to a level of presentation excellence that I didn't even think they could achieve. Stage fright, mental blocks, and bad posture are things of the past when she's prepping them!"

    Raph Crouan Founder & CEO of StartupBootcamp IOT
  • "Amplify were an invaluable support for our founders, coaching them to deliver a world-class pitch in front of an auditorium full of investors, mentors, senior executives and community leaders."

    Franziska Lohl Director of Techstars
  • "Our two days with Amplify were truly life changing. I saw a huge transformation in myself and my colleagues, and I know what I’ve learnt will do wonders for me in the work place."

    Tom Router Assistant Vice President at Barclays UK
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