Stewart Bewley


Stewart founded Amplify Presentations Ltd in 2013 with an idea that technique from stage could impact story-telling in business. Currently he is travelling the world coaching Microsoft on Story-telling! Stewart’s insatiable passion for story-telling has opened the global doors for other corporates, coaching on story-telling and leadership not only for Microsoft but PWC, Legal & General, Dow Jones, Hitachi, Vodafone, Telefonica, Thales, KPMG. Amplify is currently the number one pitch-coaching company on the London Accelerator scene and we are expanding to Europe. Our clients include Microsoft Ventures, Techstars London & Berlin, Barclays Accelerator, Metro Accelerator (Berlin), Startup Bootcamp (FinTech, InsurTech), Wayra, Level 39, Mass Challenge,  Cylon Accelerator, New Entrepeneurs Foundation, Collider, Pitch@Palace, Startup Wiseguys Estonia (the list goes wonderfully on) … He is a natural-born story-teller, husband, father, actor, musician and lover of Flat Whites!


Ginny Bown


Before joining Amplify, Ginny was lead coach for Resurgo, a charity that sees 75% of disadvantaged youth find successful employment. She is pure gold and getting her on the team was like Real Madrid getting Ronaldo on theirs – a game changer! Since coming onboard she has coached at PWC, Microsoft, Techstars North, CyLon Accelerator, Winton Ventures, Startup Bootcamp Internet of Things, Startup Bootcamp InsureTech, Startups WiseGuys Latvia, Estonia. Whilst Stewart builds the brand globally, Ginny is scaling us in Europe. Her passion to see her clients expressing themselves freely and creatively is fuelled by her training as an actor.  She is highly intuitive and excellent at listening, which is invaluable to our clients and to Stewart’s need to outwardly process!


Linda Wilkinson


Linda started out her working life as a PA before the word “startup” was cool. In fact, she worked for a Dotcom during the fund raising process, then moved into VC and hedge fund world, landing at Asymmetric Capital. She took a few years out to work on her very own startup – her wonderful son Tom. Since joining Amplify in 2015, her administration genius has propelled us to working with Microsoft globally whilst being able to scale in the Accelerator scene in London.



Robert is quite simply amazing at branding and strategy! His 30 years in the advertising and tech industry has given him deep insight and know-how to spot exactly what’s needed and help tease it out of every client – from multinational to start up. His clients range from Lexmark, Cisco, Adobe, NextiraOne, Oracle at the corporate end to Tech London Advocates, Collider, UP and Pitch@Palace at the startup end. He can spot a story a mile off even if his clients can’t and turn it into something powerful, engaging and investible. For Amplify, Robert has delivered story-telling workshops to Microsoft, as well as getting us to think about our own brand positioning! He lives in Spain on the weekends, is a great story-teller and if ever you buy him a glass of wine he will tell you the most amazing stories.

Marcus Druen


Marcus started out life in T-Mobile with the title “Business Change Manager” and has not stopped changing businesses since! His years as Executive Development Manager at Telefonica and Lead coach at Wayra (Telefonica’s Accelerator) were the coals to the furnace of his passion for developing leaders in every sector of business. When he started his own company in 2014, he met with Stewart to discuss collaboration. By the end of 2015 they had co-designed and delivered workshops for Microsoft all over the world, from Brasil to India! He is perceptive, kind, challenging, deeply caring and utterly brilliant at bringing the leader out of the individual and ultimately the business. He is a foodie, father, husband and lover of all things that connect us as humans!

Tim Benton


Tim joined Amplify in 2015 when it was going global and needed to scale! He delivered  as lead coach for MSVentures, Ignite, CRL, alongside Startup Bootcamp, Rainmaking Innovation and KPMG. From an acting and directing background, he has an incredible ability to read the room and know exactly what the client needs. He loves seeing transformation in his clients – seeing people walk out of the room a better version of themselves. Tim now works for G&S Comms as a Communications Coach  and we are so proud to have had him as part of the family.

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